Edward Malone

Laboratory President Edward P. Malone, M.S., CMI, CMR

Phone: 877-665-3373 or 248-669-2280 • Fax: 248-669-1412

For the last 18 years Mr. Malone has focused exclusively on mold research, detection and remediation. He is a director of the National Association of Mold Professionals and has taught over 100 courses on Mold Inspection, Testing and Remediation.

Students from all 50 states, Canada, England, France and Dubai have attended Mr. Malone’s courses. He has taught members of all branches of the United States Military, FEMA, United States Federal Reserve Bank and the United States Justice Dept. Many state and local governmental agencies have sent individuals to his courses including: the Atlantic County Dept. of Law, Office of Risk, Atlantic County New Jersey; Blackfoot Nation, Hazmat Dept.; Seneca Nation; Clark County Health District, Clark County Nevada; Community Action Council of LMT; Los Alamos County, New Mexico; City of Los Angeles California; Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture; Springdale Public Schools, Springdale Arizona; Tennessee Aquarium; and the City of Key West, Florida. Mr. Malone has taught instructors from many colleges, universities and teaching organizations including: University of California; University of Michigan; University of Tennessee; West Point Military College; Oglala Lakota College; IICRC Instructors; Hazmat Instructors and OSHA Instructors. Mr. Malone has also lectured for the Nuclear Medical Society and is a member of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.

Prior to specializing in mold inspections and remediation, Mr. Malone owned and operated Allied Diagnostic Services, Inc., a major independent clinical laboratory serving physicians, hospitals, insurance companies and corporations throughout Michigan and Ohio. Mr. Malone was the founder and President of Immunoassay Corporation, a manufacturer of in vitro test kits that were labeled with radioactive isotopes. These kits were sold to hospitals, laboratories and clinics throughout the United States and Europe. He designed and instituted the first in-house radio-immunoassay laboratory in a Michigan hospital.

Additional credentials: American Chemical Association; Michigan Chemical Council; EPA Quality Assurance Program; licensed under the Centers for Disease Control; United States Drug Enforcement Administration; United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Michigan Board of Pharmacy; Food and Drug Administration; and United States patent holder.