Asbestos (PLM)

Turnaround Time
Bulk Vermiculite 1–2 days
Bulk Material 1–2 days
Vinyl Tile 1–2 days


Total Bacterial Count 3–5 days
Total Bacterial Count with Gram Stain (+ or -) 5–7 days
Total Bacterial Count with Genius ID (Top 3) 5–7 days
Total Bacterial Count with Genius ID (Top 5) 5–7 days
Total Coliforms/E. coli (surface or water) 3–5 days

Mold — Non–Viable Analysis

Spore Trap 1 day
Tape Lift (full abundant organism identification) 1 day
Tape Lift (Stachybotrys identification only) 1 day
Rush Service — Please call ahead Same day if sample arrives by 10am
3 Hour Rush Service — Must call ahead 3 hours (sample must arrive before 2pm)
Weekend/Holiday Service — Must call ahead Please call

Mold — Viable Analysis

Air Sample 7 days
Swab 7 days
Bulk Material (swab and tape lift) 7 days
Premium Fungal Analysis — Full Species ID 7-14 days
Digital Macro or Micro Photos (up to 4) pre–analysis request

Particle Analysis

Broad Particle Analysis 1 day
Fiberglass Only 1 day
Soot/Ash Only 1–3 days
Specific Particle Analysis 1–3 days


Analysis of 2 ion chambers owned by inspector Same day
Analysis of 2 ion chambers borrowed from IMS Same day

Additional Services

IMS Laboratory can and does perform additional analytical services that are not listed on this site. Please contact IMS Laboratory for service and pricing details.