What IMS Customers Are Saying…

Brad C. Slack CMI/CMR/CMA, President – Mold Pro, Inc.:

“I just have to tell you what a pleasure it is working with such a fine group of people at IMS Labs. Your attention to detail and expertise in this field are unmatched, as well as your friendly accommodating service. You always present your lab reports and personal service with a level of professionalism that is truly at the top of this industry. Whether it is 30 plates or a single slide you are always there for me to count on.”

Steve Thompson, Accurate Mold Remediation:

“As a professional mold investigator, inspector or remediator, you need confidence in your support team. A primary member of my team is IMS Laboratory. Our business has grown significantly and IMS has played an integral role in our development.

“IMS Laboratory provides a variety of services which are cost-effective. From the evaluation process through reporting documentation, IMS provides clear, concise information for analysis. Unlike many other high production labs, IMS treats each evaluation with the attention to details that your customers require. The IMS staff understands the sensitive nature of our business and is committed to quick turnaround without compromising the integrity of the services they provide.”

George Frank CMI/CMR/CMDH, Frank Certified Mold Inspections:

“I have used IMS Laboratory services for almost a year now and you are second to none. The services you provide are very professional with up to the minute information on molds and their possible health effects. This is invaluable for my evaluation of my mold investigations. It is important for me to have access to Microbiologists who are also Mycologists and in my experience you have the best.

“The reporting is in plain English that we can all understand without the need for a B.Sc. degree, I have these reports e-mailed directly to me, I just download them, copy and paste all the information straight into my reports, saving me time and money.”

Wayne Freiesleben, Healthy Indoor Technologies:

“Katie & the staff at IMS Laboratories are to be commended for their exemplary service and standards of the trade. They give me peace of mind by knowing that they are a phone call away and always helpful & patient with my questions. Keep up the good work and thank you for being there!”

David T. Simon, President – Simon Construction:

“After working with this lab for over 2 Years I can honestly say the work, response, the communication of data and the price is exceptional. I want to thank you for your assistance. The relationships with Dr. Banner, Mr. Moloney, and Mr. Norman have been a positive in the growth of my business and continuous education.”